Shortcode Emojis

Implement emojis into your posts and pages. Using CSS, transparent PNGs seamlessly integrate with your favorite theme and color scheme.

This plugin shows emojis by using shortcodes. It will not override the default Smileys.

How To Use:

  1. After activating this plugin, an emoji icon will appear next to your “Add Media” button above the editor window.
  2. Click on that button to display the dropdown list of available emojis.
  3. Click “Add Shortcode”, and the shortcode will automatically be added to your editor window.

Alternatively, you can type in your shortcode by hand using this format:
[sce emoji="happy" /]

View on the WordPress Plugins Repository

== Installation ==

1. Download and extract the file, then upload the plugin files to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory. Or, search “Shortcode Emojis” in the WordPress plugins screen and click install.
2. Activate the plugin in your Plugins admin panel.
3. Enjoy!


== ChangeLog ==

– Version 1.2:
+ Added holiday emojis.
+ Added Doctor Strange emojis.

– Version 1.1:
+ Added missing emojis.

– Version 1.0:
+ First release.


== Upgrade Notice ==

### 1.2 ###
Added Doctor Strange and holiday emojis.

### 1.1 ###
Emojis found alphabetically after “powerpoint” were missing. In this version I regenerated the emojis and added them back into the proper directory.





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