Keep WordPress Up-To-Date

If you have a WordPress install, check that you keep your plugins, themes, and version up-to-date. This post will describe how to check the status of these items and how to update them.

When you log in to the admin area of your site (http://yoursitelink/wp-admin), you might see one of these:


You can also check the admin menu bar for additional updates (the number indicates total updates, including plugins, themes, and version):


Go ahead and click “Please update now”, or you can click on the number in your menu bar.

I recommend updating items in this order:

  1. Themes
  2. Plugins
  3. WordPress version

After updating the WordPress version, you may see more numbers pop up. This indicates that a plugin or theme you have installed has an additional update to bring it into compatibility with the new WordPress version you now have.

For the WordPress version, you will see this window:


Click “Update Now”. You should then see this window:


Wait a moment, and the screen will refresh on its own. If it does not, click the “here” at the bottom of your screen. You should now see this (or something close:)


The next section will only apply if you have more than one site within one WordPress install).

If you have a WordPress Multi-Site install, you may be asked to upgrade your network. This process brings all your sites into compatibility with the new WordPress version. Go ahead and click the “Upgrade Network” link on the next page:


WordPress will automatically cycle through all your sites. If it cannot, you will be given a “next” button to click at the bottom of each page.

Once you have completed the Network upgrade, you are done!

Be sure to check on your WordPress install at least once a month. WordPress updates are almost always security updates, so keeping your install, plugins, and themes current will improve the security of your site.

2 Replies to “Keep WordPress Up-To-Date”

  1. I’ve been using “email posts to subscribers”, but it started being erratic and constantly refreshing. After trying several things, finally tracked it to the recent plugin I installed. I had to deactivate. Just thought you should know.

    My host said: We were able to determine the plugin “Sharon’s Shortcode Emojis” was the cause of the current redirect issue you are having. Take it to the developers of both plugins to see if either one can propose a solution.

    1. Thank you for letting me know! Would you have any more detail on this that you could share so that I could find/create a fix?

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