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  • MySQL

    Since SHA-256 password hashing is used by default since version 8 of MySQL, we run into a problem if users created with this encryption are attempted with a WordPress install. Below are the commands for creating a user with the native password setup (1 create user, 2 create database, 3 give user access to database, […]

  • SSL using LetsEncrypt

    Letsencrypt is what we use to generate our SSL certificates (allows for HTTPS usage). Below are instructions using certbot to generate your certificates. Generating Certificates Each domain has a line as -d within the command. You can add more domains by simply adding a listing in that format and executing the command all at […]

  • File Permissions

    Occasionally, WP will have a conniption over file permissions and user/group assignments. The commands below will fix those permissions. For Centos: For Ubuntu: For Mac: or: