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  • I miss Germany

    I miss Germany

    This time of year makes me really miss Germany. Talk about a country that really knows how to do Christmas… Weihnachtsmarkt, anyone?? Walk around, buy trinkets, view beautiful decorations, drink Glühwein, eat candied roasted almonds, listen to local bands play carols….

  • New Year’s Eve in Germany

    In Germany, the New Year would be celebrated by neighborhoods shooting off fireworks at midnight. I have a vivid memory of walking down to the edge of the army apartments in Wiesbaden — champagne bottle in hand, ready to share with whoever would be at the lookout — and seeing the city from an amazing […]

  • Amazing Accident

    Amazing Accident

    We were backpacking across Ireland and were relying on buses and walking to get us where we wanted to go. We’d just left Galway and were headed to Kinvara, which we realized after boarding the bus headed west was not a usual stop for the driver. Mat and the driver agreed to keep an eye […]

  • Sandhofen, Germany

    Sandhofen, Germany

    This is one of my absolute favorite photos I took while walking around Sandhofen (Mannheim) after a rather snowy night.

  • Ireland


    I wish that I could describe Ireland in a way that truly honored what this photo shows, but words constantly fail me. It was an experience that I’ll never forget and have triedunsuccessfully to replicate. This photo shows how the forest looked all around us as we walked on paved, gravel, and dirt paths throughout […]