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  • How to Get Blocked 101

    How to Get Blocked 101

    Yes, this happens to every female-presenting person.

  • Vision Update

    It’s been 3 years, to the month (April 2018), that I started losing vision in my right eye (after losing vision in my left eye). I had migraines like I’d never had before, optometrists gave me steroid drops and told me to cut back on computer work, and I was given no answers as to […]

  • COVID times suck.

    Absolutely all of us are affected by the pandemic. But, sitting in your bubble and complaining while doing nothing will solve nothing. Let’s try to pull together and support one another. Please try to show a little LOVE to those around you. Many feel isolated, alone, and that they’re the only ones struggling in a […]

  • New Year’s Eve in Germany

    In Germany, the New Year would be celebrated by neighborhoods shooting off fireworks at midnight. I have a vivid memory of walking down to the edge of the army apartments in Wiesbaden — champagne bottle in hand, ready to share with whoever would be at the lookout — and seeing the city from an amazing […]

  • Random happy memory

    Traveling to Murray after school every Monday for clarinet lessons. I loved having the freedom to drive myself and to hang out with friends and have a little dinner before coming back to town. Those were some of my favorite memories from high school.

  • My 2018

    My 2018… wasn’t so great. I didn’t talk about it very much on social media, so apologies if this is surprising to some of you. I lost my sight, barely avoided a diagnosis of MS or brain tumor and instead was told I have atypical optic neuritis. On top of that, kiddo was in the […]