Samhain 🍂🎃🔥

This is the day that the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead is at its thinnest. This is a good time for divination. At dinner, remember to set a place for your loved ones that have past this year. Leave an offering of food and drink on your door step for those souls that may still wander.

Samhain is the harvest of the soul In some traditions it is when the souls of those who died since the last Samhain move on, leaving our plane behind. In other traditions this is the time when the dearly departed return to pass on messages to us. Whatever the path, this is the time to honor the dead. Renew your home protection spells and start closing up in preparation for winter. Any garden or outdoor tools or furniture that are no longer needed should be cleaned up and put away with thanks for their service. Prep your garden and yard for win-ter, even if your garden is only a couple of planters of herbs. Pull out your heavier bedding and give it an airing out. Using needle and thread, add a few stitches in blue thread to a corner or inside seam to protect your sleep during the long, dark nights. Divination plays a large role in Samhain. Ask your oracles what you need to lay to rest or end for the year.

Rachel Henderson