Beltane ๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ”ฅ

Happy Beltane!

Today is the fire and fertility festival. Jumping over the balefire was said to insure protection. Dance around the May Pole. Ring bells to scare away bad spirits. This is a time for appreciation and affection for all that you have been given in your life. It is also the end of spring planting. A time for new beginnings, concepts and ideas.

Other Names: Beltain, Beltaine, BealtaineMay Eve, May Day, Samradh

Celebration of: The Lord and Lady consummate their relationship

Colors: White, Red and Pink

Symbols: Spring flowers (especially the rose)

Beltaneโ€™s energy is all about sexuality, beauty, and manifestation. Make aphrodisiacs, love charms, and potions during this sabbat. Charm your beauty products to turn them into glamour elixirs, or try your hand at making your own skin-care products and makeup and adding botanicals that can boost their magick properties. Make charms for manifesting your goals. Leave them in your wallet, your car, or even every room in your house. Soak orange peels in white vinegar for two weeks, strain and add the same amount of Moon blessed water as the vinegar to a bottle. Use it as a mirror cleanser so that whenever you look at your reflection, you see your inner and outer beauty reflected back at you. Make rosewater to add to your laundry wash to imbue your clothing with passionate energies. Put away your winter blankets and clothes. Tuck sachets of cloves, rosemary, and thyme in with them to keep them safe and to ward off moths until you need them again. Place carnelian in any spaces where you want more passionate energy to reside.

Rachel Henderson