• Gibbous Moon

    tweakhoneadjust Begins: 10.5-15 days after New Moon What to do: Stay on courseDon’t give up! Stamina! Ask yourself:

  • First Quarter Moon

    challengesconfidencecommitment Begins: 7-10.5 days after New Moon What to do: It’s time to commit Ask yourself:

  • Waxing Crescent Moon

    couragemoving forwardfaith Begins: 3.5-7 days after the New Moon What to do: Explore your dreams Ask yourself:

  • Full Moon

    harvestforgivenessassess + align Begins: 15-18.5 days after New Moon What to do: Check in with your emotional guidance systemFind and accept encouragement, regardless of the outcomeFeel Good Ask yourself:

  • New Moon

    new beginnings, clean slategrowing light, potentialdream + manifest Begins: 1-3.5 days after the Balsamic Moon What to do: Plant the seeds of your future dreams Ask yourself: