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  • Seeking Equipment Recommendations

    Seeking Equipment Recommendations

    I am asking for equipment suggestions. I’m ok with my sound but feel like it could definitely be better. Being so far removed from the college scene, I feel I’ve been somewhat stuck in a rut (not really) using the same equipment recommended to me by my absolute favorite clarinet professor, the late Dallas Tidwell, but that was 2006-2008. Even so, I feel it’s time to upgrade.

  • Cool thing I learned this week 🎶

    At its very essence, playing a wind instrument can be a form of self-care.

  • Solo & Ensemble – Reflections

    January 20, 2022: I made a video about this! Also view it on: I love being a judge for solo & ensemble. As someone who is no longer immersed in the music education world, this is one of my few chances left to experience music on the middle school and high school level. Every year, […]

  • Why Play Clarinet?

    Dallas Tidwell was an inspiration. I think of him every time I get out my clarinet or step foot on UofL campus.

  • Compare Yourself to You, Yesterday

    Hey there! I just want to take a moment to say thank you to Ashleigh Hardin for asking me to do an interview on her podcast, A.Typical. I was so nervous, but I had a great time! Y’all, this podcast is just starting out but it’s got great topics and a bright future! Check out […]

  • Cleartune

    I’m constantly forgetting my tuner at rehearsals. This has become a pain, because I leave it at home on my music stand, then rush out the door without checking. So, I’ve started looking for a tuner app for my iPhone. Cleartune is my app of choice. It’s amazing! This is the best tuner I’ve come […]