Media Library

This document describes the Media Library as it pertains to clients of Sharon Murphy.


  1. Manage Media: You will learn to manage items within your own media library (add, edit, delete).
  2. Use Media: You will learn how to display items within your own web site (collections, individual items, attached items).


Please note, this is limited to clients of Sharon Murphy who have had their sites updated to include the Media Library taxonomy “Group”.

Accessing Media Library

To access, you will need to visit the Library menu item, shown in the screenshot below.

Media Library Listing

Your view of all media items should look something like this.

Filter Media

Use the dropdown found at the top of the screen to filter media by type.

Adding a Media Item

WordPress has this wonderful drag-and-drop feature that makes it super easy to add all kinds of items. First, note that there are two views: list view and thumbnail view. We’re going to use thumbnail view (shown below) for this example.

To add a file to the media library, simply drag your image from your computer into the browser window, and you’ll see this:

On reload, you’ll see your file has been added.

Deleting a Media Item

Search through your list to find the item you want to delete. Click Delete permanently underneath the item you’ve chosen.

A popup will display, asking you to verify this permanent action (it cannot be undone).

A confirmation message will display at the top of the page, showing the completion of the task.

Creating a Gallery

The following screenshots show how to create a collection of images to display on a page or post (only available for images). To start, click Add Media, found underneath the title line and above the editor block.

In the pop up that follows, look in the left side menu. Click Create Gallery and you’ll be taken to a window to view all available images.

Select the desired images by clicking on each one once. Then, click Create a new gallery (blue button in the bottom right corner).

In the next window, you’ll be shown the images you selected. Here, you can take a time to drag-and-drop them to change the order, add captions, and change the gallery’s behavior.

Link to: (1) Attachment Page (takes viewer to a page specifically for the image), (2) Media file (just the file, (3) None (clicking does nothing)

Size: how big you want each image to be (ignored when certain types are selected — see below)

Type: Thumbnail Grid, Tiled Mosaic, Square Tiles, Circles, Tiled Columns

Attach a Media Item to a Post/Page

Let’s say you’d like a PDF to display for download at the bottom of one post or page. First, we’ll start with picking the media item you want. In this case, we’ll attach “Jim of a Show” to the event of the same name. Make sure you’re in the list view (below is a sample of the thumbnail view).

In list view, you can see that this file in particular is not attached to anything. Click Attach to start the process.

From the popup that opens, type in the name of what you’d like to find (in this case, “Jim of a Show), and click the Search button.

Our search found two items that mention all the words put in the search bar. Click on the one that is an Event (see type column) and then click Select (button in the bottom right corner).

When the page finishes loading, you’ll see that the media item is now attached to the chosen event.

Media Groups

This is the newest addition of my code that enhances the Media Library. Groups is a taxonomy that I’ve created in order to ‘group’ together media items of your choice, mainly PDFs.

When a PDF is tagged as being in a particular group, it will show up on that group’s page:

To add an item to a group, go to the Media Library and find the item y

ou want to add. In this case, we’re looking at Beckie-Menzie-Standards.pdf and will add it to the Beckie group.

When you click on a media item, you’ll see details concerning that item. See below that the Groups field is empty; this item has not been assigned to any group.

Click Edit more details to continue (found on the bottom right).

On this screen, place a check next to the group you would like this media item to belong.

Click Update to save changes s(blue button found on the right side).

Once the page has finished updating, you will see a confirmation message at the top.

When we go back to our corresponding page, we’ll see the PDF has been added, complete with its own thumbnail and a download button. You’re now finished!