Chem-A-Co, Inc.
8665 N US Hwy 421
P.O. Box 1099
Monticello, IN 47960
Sharon Murphy
Sharon Murphy
3113 Aires Court
Louisville, KY 40220
September 10, 2019
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September 24, 2019
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  1. Service

    Restoration of 3 sites

    1. Six plugins were out-of-date. They have been updated.
    2. Four themes were out-of-date. They have been updated.
    3. There is a new version of WordPress available, but I am unable to run that update at this time.

    Major issues:

    1. PHP is out-of-date. GoDaddy, your hosting, uses version 5.6 when 7.3 is the minimum supported by WordPress. GoDaddy doesn’t seem to have the latest version available.
    2. Your sites do not have SSL certificates (they load with HTTP, not HTTPS) which causes rankings to be lower in searches as well as having a less secure experience while visiting the sites. I believe Google has stopped listing sites that do not have registered SSL certificates.

    Minor Issues:

    1. The main theme for Chem-A-Co was corrupted.
    2. The main themes for APSP and SCI-62 are quite old and are throwing some minor errors.
    3. Jetpack was causing part of the issues due to not being compatible with the older version of PHP.
  2. Task

    Short-term solution:

    1. The theme for Chem-A-Co was corrupted, a replacement theme is being used in its place.
    2. The Jetpack plugin has been removed so that it does not cause problems in the future (it was a plugin enhancing the site and is not detrimental to the site display and loading ability).
    3. GoDaddy has SSL certificates available, however you will need one for each of your sites. Prices start at $63.99 per year per site.
  3. Long-term solution:

    1. We need the ability to upgrade to PHP version 7.3 in order for the sites to behave properly.
    2. We need SSL certificates in order to have our site not removed from Google searches.
    3. Plugins and themes need to be kept up-to-date regularly. This can be done by someone logging in occasionally and simply clicking on the “update” buttons whenever a site notification is seen.
    4. I believe it’s time to look for other hosting. GoDaddy is great for domain registration, but their hosting does not seem to fit our needs. I recently moved to Amazon Web Service hosting and have been very happy with them. I was able to control many aspects of my hosting, including the two items I mention up there (the version of PHP desired and the creation of SSL certificates, which I was able to do and it cost me nothing extra). I recommend Amazon EC2. It’s very flexible and has been easy to set up. You can get more information here:
    1. Please let me know how you’d like to proceed on new hosting. It does require a lot of knowledge in setting up a web server from scratch, but that’s my day job. 🙂 I’m happy to help get some movement on hosting changes if you’d like to pursue that option.

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Thank you! I greatly appreciate your business.


Payment due within 21 days. There will be a 1.5% interest charge per month on late invoices.

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