Once you have some content pieces available, you can start building the menu. Go to Appearance > Menus and create a menu (give it any name you wish, this is only visible to us). Click “Create Menu”. Now, you’ll be given the option to chose a Display location for the menu. Check “left top menu” to get started. To…… Continue reading Menu

How to Create a Category

Go to Posts > Categories Available areas: NameSlug (is automatically generated from the name; can be customized)Parent category (if you plan to ‘nest’ your categories)Description (used to add a small bit of content to the top of a category’s page)Need more info? Try here:

How to Create a Page

Go into Pages > Add New Areas Available: TitleEditor (main area for content)Author (if not you, you can change this to another user)Date (will publish with current date and time, can adjust to past or future) Need more info? Try here: