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All-In-One Event Calendar

The plugin I recommend is called “All-in-One Event Calendar by” Go into Plugins, find its listing, and click “Activate” underneath it. This will activate the plugin, and a new menu item, Events, will show up on the side.
First thing to do, click on the new link that showed at the top when the plugin was activated, “Visit the Settings page to configure the plugin and get most of it.”

You’ll see a box at the top titled, “Please, Sign In to Timely Network.” You do not have to create an account, so simply click “hide form”.

For now you’ll want to make sure the  plugin created a page for you (default is “calendar”, you can rename it under the Pages menu item). Add your time zone (there is one for Vincennes, I don’t see one for Evansville). You can go through the rest of the options on this page, if you have questions please feel free to ask.

“Viewing Events” is the first tab, where you are now. Click on the second tab, “Adding/Editing Events” and you’ll see options on date format. The default is a European format, so change that to the US format to make it easier (mm/dd/yyyy).

Now, click “Save Settings” and you’re down with this bit.

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